MetroMap is an aerial imagery data providing service, offering high-quality and accurate imagery to a subscriber base. Brought to you by Aerometrex, MetroMap fulfils all the quality and accuracy requirements of sophisticated geospatial data users and provides an easy-to-consume product for varied applications across a diverse range of industries. Accessible via web-app or your own GIS, MetroMap Imagery is available in 2D as well as 3D with flexible plans to suit your business requirement.

The Power of Geoscape Data in MetroMap

MetroMap offers a powerful combination of imagery and structured Geoscape data that gives users high levels of detail. Geoscape data includes building footprints for all of Australia and detailed attributes, such as roof heights, complexity and materials, and the presence of solar panels and swimming pools, for over 11 million buildings in urban areas. Geoscape buildings data is linked with other datasets including the Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF), and cadastral and administrative boundaries, enabling users to layer address or cadastral data relating to a building.


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MetroMap 3D

MetroMap 3D data provides access to high resolution 3D city mesh models that provide context to your projects, help develop and visualise scenarios as well as offer a comprehensive 3D base dataset for change monitoring.

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Industries we work with...

Construction Engineering and Architecture

Use 2D and 3D spatial mapping to plan, build and maintain smarter infrastructure


Environment and Disaster Management

Use geospatial data to answer critical questions linked to environmental change and disaster management right from planning through to response & recovery.


Transport, Logistics and Traffic Management

Keep a close eye on a vast network of assets, whether its road, rail, bridge or others.



Access accurate spatial information to assist urban planning, asset management, community engagement and environmental management


Insurance and Financial Services

Ensure faster but more accurate valuations based on detailed risk assessment of properties and assets using MetroMap imagery


Energy & Utilities

Integrate accurate base map imagery with other utility databases to aid operations, engineering design, planning and decision support


Property and Real Estate

Showcase your development assets the way they should – combine the power of visual imagery and data attributes to maximize perceived value



Visualise and plan your network using accurate updated geospatial information


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