Use 2D and 3D spatial mapping to plan, build and maintain smarter infrastructure

Why use MetroMap

  • View assets clearly and in detail from your desk and visualise regulatory restrictions such as height
  • Model scenarios keeping in mind the natural & built environments right from the start
  • Save time & cost of planning using 2D and 3D imagery to build the project virtually
  • Get stakeholders on board through greater collaboration and visual presentations

  • Reduce the amount of rework on-ground by providing a dynamic view of project progress and the ability to adapt plans as the work advances
  • Seamlessly integrate 3D imagery with live performance indicators
  • Reduce decision-making cycles through 3D digital replicas of large projects

  • View Asset changes through historical imagery and simplify inspection
  • Simplify assessment of structures such as bridges, buildings, pipelines, etc.
  • Resolve environmental conflicts by supporting multi-disciplinary analysis
  • Aid risk assessment via flood mapping and simulation using 2D and 3D

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