Integrate accurate base map imagery with other utility databases to aid operations, engineering design, planning and decision support

Why use MetroMap

  • Accurately depict locations of all physical facilities such as lines, devices, and structures which make up the network
  • Add attribute information and use imagery across many basic facilities management functions to represent the way the system operates

  • Accurately plan power line & pipeline corridors and optimise transmission routes and tower placement
  • Map easements and identify vegetation infringements to reduce outages and fire hazards and improve overall network safety

  • Geo-reference fault locations for maintenance crews to improve efficiency and customer service
  • Improve reporting accuracy, reduce the need for on-board linesman and increase asset coverage

  • View detailed roof imagery and property attributes to identify business opportunities
  • Accurately derive roof features to estimate costs and draw-up faster quotes to win business
  • Reduce site visits to save cost and increase safety for ground crew

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